Monday, November 18, 2013

CQI Winter/Christmas DYB Round Robin blocks pieced by Donna A.

I am now working on the last set of beautiful blocks pieced by the ladies in our round robin.  Donna pieced these beauties.  The fabrics are lovely to hold and to work on! (Click on photos for a larger view.)

Kathy B. was the first to work on Donna's lovely blocks.  She did such an amazing job, setting a high standard for the rest of us to meet.  I love the snowman!  Of course, I love so many aspects of this block, it is hard to choose a favorite part.

Melody B. was the next to receive these beauties.  I just love her seam treatments, the unique snowflake applique, and the tiny beaded gold stitches in the lower-left corner are so delicate!
Kathy S. received the blocks next and did such a beautiful job!  I love everything about this block, from the tree, to the seams, to the wind blowing in from above.
Barbara W. completed the next block.  The tree is even more amazing to view in person.  Her seams are fantastic!  And the snowflakes add such a perfect touch.  I love the stitches beneath the trees, adding details to the snowy ground.
I was left with two blocks to choose from, and I immediately chose the one above.  I could see another landscape formed upon it quite easily.  So, I sketched out a couple of ideas.
The following evening (last night) I sat down to get to work, and I changed my mind.  Although it seemed far more challenging to me, I decided to work on the block above instead.  I sketched out my ideas (some of which will already need to change) and got to work.

This is going to be fun!  I cannot believe this is the last rotation before our blocks will be sent home.  This has been an amazing group to stitch with!

Thanks again for stopping by!

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