Saturday, July 6, 2013

Laugh at Myself Moment

One of my favorite sayings is, "It is a good thing laughter is good for the soul, because I give myself reasons to laugh at myself daily."

A few days ago, I saw something moving in our compost outside.  Two little mice peeked out at me.  They were in a little nest they created beneath a potato plant that decided to take root and grow.

Seeing me scared them and they scurried out of sight.

I immediately ran inside and called for my boys as I grabbed my camera and raced outside to wait for one to peek out again.  My eldest later admitted he did not expect me to be so excited about finding mice in our yard. 

Fast forward two days.  I took our shredded paper out to dump into the compost.  Knowing the mice were there, I stood a good distance back and dumped the paper in.  I grabbed the shovel and carefully began turning grass clippings over to hold the paper down.  I began at the outer edge of the compost, as I wanted to the mice to have plenty of time to make a hasty getaway.  After 3 escaped from the back of the compost area, I figured I was good to go.  I lifted a shovel-full of grass closer to their home and flipped it.  As I began turning the next shovel-full, blades of grass exploded toward me and a 4th mouse skittered away.  As those initial blades of grass spewed forth, I screamed.  LOUD.  Boy was I glad I waited until 9:30 a.m. - I would have been mortified to scream like that at 7.  (Maybe the neighbors didn't hear me?  My boys were inside and they did not...) 

I took a step back and had a good laugh at myself.  Such a big scream, inspired by such a tiny creature - that I am obviously not afraid of!  LOL! 

I shared my folly with my hubby, and he noted that I always feel compelled to tell him when I do something goofy.  (Thankfully, this is a trait he finds adorable. I even asked him if screaming at a mouse gave merit to his claim that I have a memory like an elephant, as they are supposed to be afraid of mice...)  I just figure, if I can get a good laugh at myself, why not share the laughter?!  Thus, the creation of LAM Moments (Laugh at Myself Moments.)  You know, those moments when you cannot find your glasses, because you are wearing them and looking right through those lenses? 

Feel free to laugh at - er, I mean WITH - me!  Or, if you've had a chuckle at your own expense, feel free to share.  (I'll know I'm not alone - lol!)



Anonymous said...

I had a laugh at myself moment a year or so ago with a bat. Not a baseball bat, a real live little brown bat. We came home from a date night and I went into the bathroom. For some reason, even though it's not something I normally would do, I turned my head far to the left and looked up in the corner by the ceiling close to the door. A little brown bat was just hanging around! I screamed!! Then fell backward into the hallway laughing at myself. Poor little bat didnt know WHAT was going on. (We did manage, after an hour, to safely get the bat back outside).

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way....I can see that picture being turned into a quilted wallhanging. Semi-crazy square style, with lots of embroidery. Hint hint. :)

Renee said...

Ooh... with little garden scenes. I love your creativity! And, thanks for the bat story - I would have screamed too - lol! Poor little bat. ;)

traderslostart said...

Love the picture of the tiny mouse peeking out. Obviously you did get calm and managed to get a picture. Your compost pile reminds me of mine with the potatoes growing, but NO mice though! Blessings, Sondra