Saturday, May 25, 2013

CQJP 2013 Block 3

Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2013 Block 3
Well, it is nearly June, and I finally completed my March block for the 2013 Crazy Quilt Journal Project

CQJP 2013 Block 3 prior to embellisment
First, I added the miniature toy wagon to the sidewalk.  The cross-stitch pattern is from the Leisure Arts leaflet 150 Itty-Bitty Motifs with designs by Jorja Hernandez.

Wagon from Leisure Arts 150 Itty-Bitty Motifs designed by Jorja Hernandez
Next, I added the door and windows.

Using a satin stitch, and DMC #8 White Pearl Cotton, I satin stitched around the frame of the door.   Using the same thread and satin stitches, I added shutters to the window.

For the curtains, I folded small sections of lace and carefully stitched the folds together.  Placing the raw edged folds in the back, I stitched the tops into place.  I brought the thread up through one edge of the center of the curtain, carefully slipped the needle through the lace and gathered the center to "pull" it toward the window frame, then went down through the fabric on the other side, tacking the pulled curtain to the fabric.

After adding the curtains, I was ready to add the window box.  (If this is something you choose to try, I would recommend using a thinner fabric than I did.  White denim folded to hide the raw edges turned out to be rather thick to work a needle through for embroidery.)

Knowing my embroidery would secure the window box into place, I folded the raw edges under and only stitched the short sides onto the block.

A white pearl bead was placed on the door to create the door knob. 

Then, I made a cobblestone path from the door to the sidewalk, using the same thick variegated brown threads I used on Block 1 for my January block.  The path was inspired by a motif in the book Silk Ribbon Embroidery Bible by Joan Gordon

As this scene was not snowy, I found four brown shades of DMC floss similar to those in the thicker variegated floss.  Using various combinations of those four shades, I combined two strands of floss and filled the cobblestones in with satin stitches.  I worked the stitches and different angles.

I was not sure how this would turn out, but I was happy with the end result.

The next step made me really nervous.  Even after completing it, I hoped I had not ruined the block.  Inspired by a photo I found with a Google search of "window box images," I added pink and purple "flowers" to the window box.

The flowers and their leaves were made with French knots and variegated pink, purple and green flosses.

Hoping to make gutters, I added white Chevron stitches along the edges of the roof with the DMC #8 White Pearl Cotton floss.  Then, I worked small chain stitches along the seam between the house and the sky in the upper-left corner.
As you can see, the corner where the Chevron stitches changed angles ended up looking rather funky.  I decided I would hide that section with the leaves of a tree.  However, I feared a tree between the door and the window would look out of place.  So, I added the trunk of a tree along the right side of the house and its branches extended along the roof.

Using two strands of DMC cotton floss (1 strand each of two shades of brown), I chain-stitched the trunk. 

For the leaves, I used two similar shades of 4mm Riversilk Silk Ribbon.  This part made me nervous, as I have not done a lot of silk ribbon embroidery (SRE) in the past.  However, I was pleased with the results.

I wanted to add a tall sunflower along each side of the front door, but the house was already yellow.  So, I looked through my book by Diana Lampe, and decided to add Agapanthus instead.

(First, I added white chain-stitched "trim" along the seam between the front and the side of the house.  And, I added panes to the window.)

We owned a yellow house once.  And we encircled the tree in the front yard with flowers.  So, I decided to do the same with the tree in this block, following directions for Diana Lampe's English Primroses.

The final additions were a Forget-Me-Not flowerbed along the edge of the lawn and the sidewalk and the sun in the upper-left corner.
Adding the window with curtains and a window flower box required me to step outside of my comfort zone.  I had a lot of fun working on this block, so I am glad I challenged myself.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!


NickiLee said...

Ahhhh I just love this block! What a lot of thought went into it - adorable!

Renee said...

Thank you! I had fun with it. ;)

Anonymous said...

the window flower box is amazing. Love this block.

Renee said...

Thank you! I used one strand of some EdMar flosses, and 2 strands of a few DMC flosses. So, some had some shine to them, and others did not. It was a challenge - meaning that I found it was fun and made me nervous all at once - lol!

Monica said...

I was just saying over on the CQJP blog that I used to see a house just like this in Redwood City, CA. I always loved it! You have done a great job with this!

Renee said...

How fun. Thank you!

crazyQstitcher said...

Just discovered this. Your path is fabulous. The window wonderful and the flowers all lovely. Your tree- I love trees- is great. In all a beautiful block.

Renee said...

Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun putting this one together. :)