Thursday, May 9, 2013

CQJP 2013 Block 3 and Glasses Case Progress

While I continue thinking about how I want to proceed with my CQJP Block 4, I thought I would put some time into Block 3 (which will likely be my April block... even if it is May already!)

I find myself wishing I made the sidewalk a little bit smaller.  However, the fabric I used for the sidewalk was gathered at the bottom of my eldest son's very first pair of jeans.  So, I do not mind having a bit of that fabric on its own...

The first addition to the block was a small child's wagon.
Cross-stitch pattern from Leisure Arts 150 Itty-Bitty Motifs
The pattern for the wagon was found in the Leisure Arts pamphlet 150 Itty-Bitty Motifs designed by Jorja Hernandez. 

It is a bit tiny, so I worried about it being way too small for the scale of the block.  Then, I remembered that the red wagon my boys had was a tiny little thing.  It may have been a foot wide and two feet long, so I decided this itty-bitty wagon would be just fine.

Next, I sketched a window and a door that would fit the house well.  Using a rotary cutter, I cut out fabrics to attach to the block.
CQJP 2013 Block 3 and fabrics to create the house.
I am not a huge fan of sewing, in and of itself; however, I love seeing how small pieces like these can become so much more.

Next, I attached the door and window to the fabric with fusible webbing.

Then, I began securing the door into place with two strands of DMC white floss and a satin stitch to prevent the fabric from fraying.
I figure the satin stitch makes a decent door frame.  I began in the lower right corner.  Had I realized the fabric was already beginning to fray above, those first stitches would have been wider to make the size more consistent.  (As you can see, I still have a small section to complete before I get to move on to the next part.)

I confess, these satin stitches bore me.  So, I completed a strand of white on Block 3, and then allowed myself to add a strand of floss to the glasses case I have been working on.

The leaves to the tree are now finished.  I added a fence using a single strand of white DMC Pearl 8 Cotton.  Perhaps it was cheating, but I used small pins to mark where each post would go - measuring so they were an equal distance apart.  (The trick is not allowing your floss to catch on the points of the pins!)  Next, I added the boards along the bottom.  I began on the right side of one post and brought the needle down on the left side of the next post to help secure them and prevent them from snagging in the future.  The top boards were completed in the same manner.

I also used two strands of a green DMC rayon floss to make uneven buttonhole stitches along the waterline.  (Again, I marked the distance with pins.  And I measured the height of each stitch.)  Yellow flowers will be added today.

I have mixed feelings about the wonderfully, soft, fluffy green grassy section to the right of the tree.  It adds texture and is SO soft to touch.  However, the stitches do become lost.  I hope the flowers with their beads work out as intended...
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you have a fantastic day.


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