Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Crazy Quilted Glasses Case Progress

Panel of Halloween Glasses Case
My Halloween crazy quilted glasses case is coming along nicely!  It is my hope to have it finished this week. 

There was an ironic moment this morning, when I stepped outside to take pictures to share with you (the lighting on the patio is so much better than the lighting in the house.)  I opened the door to the patio and startled a black cat; he stared at me for a moment and then dashed off.  It still makes me chuckle.  Really, what are the odds of stepping outside to photograph a Halloween themed block and finding a black cat?

(Not so) Spooky Tree
 The spooky tree (which, sadly, is not all that spooky) was made with DMC 801 size 5 perle cotton.  I went by memory to replicate the tree I made on my sister's glasses case using the Easy, Breezy Trees tutorial from Shaw K L Designs Blog.

I LOVE the way the black and orange beaded seam looks.  That being said, if I ever decide to embellish a seam with beads again, it will be a SHORT seam.  I secure every bead with a single strand of floss by looping it through the bead three times.  Then, I make three tiny knots on the back before moving on to the next bead.  I am also alternating between a needle threaded with orange floss, and one with black floss; so, I have to be careful not to catch the thread I am not using while securing each bead.  I think about 10 more beads ought to finish this seam up.

My first beaded spider.
The spider consists of two pearl beads and white straight stitches for the legs.

My broom
For the broom, the handle was chain stitched with 2 strands of DMC 801 embroidery floss.  Long lazy daisy stitches using 1 strand each of DMC 743 and 745 made the bristles of the broom.  A couple loops of DMC 801 tied the bristles to the broomstick.  (This case will be for me.  I told my husband, "I'm a witch, so I need my broom!"  His reply?  "Yep."  I love that man.)

My next seam is going to be fun - if it turns out the way I see it in my head, anyway.  It will be a seam treatment created by my own imagination, so I am excited to give it a try!

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