Monday, July 23, 2012

My First Round Robin #1

Mardeen's Block
Whoo Hoo!  I received my first block to work on for my very first round robin through the Crazy Quilting International Yahoo Club. 

This lovely block belongs to Mardeen.  I will be the first of 4 ladies to embellish this beauty.  If I have counted correctly, I believe there are 14 blocks and 13 seams; so, I will need to embellish 3-4 blocks and 3-4 seams. 

Actually, I received the block a few days ago.  It feels like it has been ages since my last post - and since I last embroidered! My husband admitted that he has been surprised I have not been working on my crazy quilt lately.  My response?  Life has been crazy!  My backyard is looking better, we've hiked with friends, I have been running with Monkey (my 15-year-old son), and trying to keep up with some chores.  I have also made several trips to the library to check out embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery books to give me some ideas for Mardeen's block.  And then, there is all the time spent looking through said books, hoping to come up with a plan of where to begin and what to stitch.

This morning, I think I finally decided upon my plan for the block.  (My husband made fun of me when he found out I looked up all of the plants to see if it would be realistic for them to be in bloom at the same time!)  Next, I need to spend some serious time with my doodle cloth to see if I can pull this off!  To which, my husband said, "You have been doing great with all this stuff.  You can do anything."  It is nice to have him believe in me so much. 

What is it they say about courage, it is conquering something you are afraid of?  Something like that.  Afraid may be a bit strong, but I am certainly intimidated by my plans here.  Challenges are always good, so here goes!

Wishing you a great week!

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