Monday, July 16, 2012

Crazy Quilt Day 28

Doodle Cloth
Most of my "crazy quilt time" today was spent working on my doodle cloth, trying to figure out how on earth I can bring the Gimp 2 CK Snowman font to life spelling "January" on my block. 

The letters consist of scarves and snowmen.  I considered making bullion stitches side-by-side to make the scarves (tested in the lower-right corner), or using applique.  In the end, I opted to go for the applique using a blue and white striped cloth.  I cut a one-half inch strip of the fabric, so the stripes would be consistent with the stripes in an actual scarf.  Next, I ironed the edges underneath, to avoid fraying edges.  At first, I attempted to use a buttonhole stitch to tack the letter "J" down, but I decided I liked the simplicity of tiny straight stitches much more.  At the bottom of the "J" I used lazy daisy stitches for the tassels.  At the top I tried straight stitches.  The lazy daisy stitches won my vote.

Next, I struggled trying to figure out how to make the letters fit into the space on the block.  The practice "J" above was about 1.25 inches long.  "JANUARY" would not fit on the dark blue strip of fabric, even somewhat staggered, at that size.  So, my goal will be to fit each letter into a three-quarter inch section of the block. 

Preparing to add "JANUARY" to the block.
In this photo, you can see a portion of the font, and the scarf section of the letter "A" pinned onto the block.  I am fairly confident I can make scarf letters to spell out the word.  Adding the snowmen may be a bit trickier.  There is a really good chance my snowmen will not be wearing the cute little top hats, due to the tiny amount of space they will be stuffed into; time shall tell!

If it turns out, it should be really cute!  (My fingers are crossed...)

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