Sunday, July 8, 2012

Crazy Quilt Day 24

Capital letters inspired by CK Black Tie font from Gimp 2
It finally feels like summer, here in Oregon!  I had hoped to finish this entire section of my January block, but the sun called.  However, I did manage to complete the words, "Happy New Year."  They did not turn out perfect.  The bow tie on the Y nearly meets the blue on the left, and the entire word "Year" is a bit slanted.  I considered taking both parts out to fix them, but I feared snagging the rayon floss attempting to remove the bow tie, or leaving marks in the satiny fabric by removing the words.  So, it will remain as it is.  A part of me wishes I had placed "Happy" a bit higher on the block.  However, I decided maybe it was better the way it was because I left some room for the confetti fall from above.

Several of the words I plan to add to this block are inspired by, or are my imitations of fonts I found on Gimp 2.  My husband introduced me to the free software available on-line, after I expressed interest in purchasing PhotoShop and we saw the prices.  We were on a tight budget, and he had heard great things about Gimp 2.  I am still a complete novice using the program, but have made a couple of great digital scrapbook gifts with its use.

January block - almost halfway complete
I guess today I will discover how well I can "draw" confetti using a needle and thread... and perhaps a few beads.  Wish me luck!

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a fantastic week!


Lei said...

You did a wonderful job with your words. And I love what you did with the ric rac. Your block is amazing. After reading your blog I finally got up the nerve to sew my first block together the other day with a pattern that I have had forever. Now I am just working up the nerve to put in the first stitches. I can't wait to see what you do next.

Renee said...

Thank you, Lei! I am thrilled to hear you made your block! Today was all about overcoming my fear of messing up, so I can relate to working up the nerve for those first stitches. With my first block, I found a stitch I wanted to try and just went with it; making it up as I went. Because I had specific ideas for the January and February blocks, I planned them out on paper to help me visualize where I was going. My best advice is to begin with something you are comfortable with and enjoy the process. The rest seems to work itself out. Hugs, Renee