Friday, July 6, 2012

Crazy Quilt Day 23

Is it comical that two days away from working on my crazy quilt seemed like WAY too long?

Today, I used DMC rayon white 35200 to make parallel stem stitched lines.  Next, I used the silver metallic thread to make little stars.  My goal was to have two opposite corners of the block reflect one another by using blue on the white and white on the blue.  I think it turned out okay.  The differences in the fabrics certainly affected the way they looked.  The floss sunk into the fluffy white, but really stood out on the satiny blue. 

Font inspired by Gimp 2 CK Black Tie Font
This completed the "easy" work on the block for me.  The rest makes me nervous.  I am worried I am really going to mess it up.  Luckily, the first word I attempted did not turn out too bad.  I printed, "Happy New Year," out using the CK Black Tie font from Gimp 2.  Then, I free-hand sketched the text onto the block using a light blue chalk pencil.  Using DMC rayon flosses S820 (dark blue) and 35200 (white), I stitched the tuxedo shirt with satin stitches.  The rest of the word was "written" using a back-stitch in the same blue floss. 

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Hopefully, tomorrow I will find the time to finish this section.  I plan to stitch in some streamers and add beads or French knots for confetti.  This is how the block looked by the end of today.

Thanks, again, for stopping by!  I wish you a wonderful weekend.


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