Sunday, April 7, 2019

SK Effects of Caffeine - SAL Update 5

892 stitches were added to my Heaven and Earth Designs Storykeep Effects of Caffeine cross-stitch project since the last SAL update.

The piece now reads:

The author's name is being filled in now: I. M. Draggin.

Randal Spangler's artwork that this piece is based upon is here.

This is how it looked on March 17th.

8,033 of 23,660 stitches are now complete.

The project is 33.95% complete.
Page 1 is 100% complete.
Page 2 is 26.93% complete.

I do hope you will stop by to see what the other SAL (stitch along) participants are working on! Steph and LucyAnn are taking a break at the moment. If you are interested in joining, contact Avis. More details are on her blog.

Links to the other blogs are below. We are all in different time zones, so if a post is not up yet, please check back later.

Thank you for visiting! Our next update will be on April 28th.


jenny Ginger Ninja Crafts said...

It's looking great Renee, I had a wee chuckle at the author's name, how appropriate for a book about caffeine! Jenny x

Sewing Beside the Sea said...

Well done! I'm enjoying all the statistics as well as the stitching :-)

nwpaintedlady said...

your making great progress on this. Keep it up! ~ Sharon

Anonymous said...

good progress

Queeniepatch said...

The more you stitch, the more we can see this is a book. At first I thought it was a pillar or column.

K Reeves said...

Great progress Renee! I am still amazed that you are stitching this on 30 count over one thread...I cannot begin to contemplate that!

G Adrian, Sweden said...

It´s very beautiful and I´m so impressed of all your figures information!!!!

Lindashee said...

Very nice ! It's all so impressive to see the numbers, satisfies some kind of organisational OCD :D

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

THis is amazing work really. And to think it is one thread stitching is fantastic.

Katie said...

Gorgeous progress!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I am definitely draggin' before I get my morning coffee! Author's name made me laugh.

Catherine - Hillview Embroidery said...

Amazing! You must be so pleased with how this is coming along.

Sunny said...

Wow! I love seeing this take shape, and reading your statistics, too!

stitchingranny said...

You are keeping a nice steady rate of progress on this one. Its so realistic looking.