Tuesday, May 6, 2014

TAST 05/06/14

This week, I worked two older TAST stitches on a project I was working on and hope to share with you very soon.  (CLICK HERE to visit Sharon Boggon's blog, Pintangle, to learn more about TAST, Take A Stitch Tuesday.)

TAST Stich 2: Buttonhole Stitch

TAST Stitch 2: Buttonhole Stitch
This is a stitch I find myself using again and again and again.  I love to use it as flower stems and as fence posts.

I used a single strand of size 8 green perle cotton (that did not like to photograph - it reflected the light really well though!)

Buttonhole Stitch, French Knots and Detached Chain Stitch
In this case, I added green detached chain stitches for leaves and then used a red EdMar rayon floss to make French knots and more detached chain stitches for flowers.

TAST Stitch 20: Butterfly Chain

TAST Stitch 20: Butterfly Chain
I used black perle cotton (size 8 or 12, I forget) and the butterfly chain stitch to couch red ribbon down.
Butterfly Chain Stitch, Fly Stitch and beads
To dress this seam up, on one side I used the green size 8 perle cotton to make fly stitches and filled them with red seed beads to make flowers.

To see the TAST stitches introduced last week, CLICK HERE.  (I hope to have examples of my own to share next week.)  Be sure to check out the comments on that post and check out this week's TAST post HERE to see what others have been up to the past two weeks.

TAST stitches I have shared (click on the name to see Sharon's directions.)
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Pamela said...

Very nice, Renee. I hadn't thought about using the butterfly chain to couch.

sharonb said...

I love that combination too - I use it all the time

Renee said...

Thank you! I used the beaded butterfly chain stitch in a similar manner after being inspired by this post at SoSeptember.blogspot.ca http://soseptember.blogspot.ca/2014/03/embroidery-ribbon-fun-ribbon-couching.html#.UzTKQfldU41

Renee said...

It is just so versatile! :)