Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CQI Winter/Christmas DYB Round Robin: Completed Block for Donna A.

After embellishing
Before Embellishing
I finished Donna's block and I truly hope she likes it!

The bunnies cross-stitch patterns were in a Precious Moments Designs by Gloria & Pat Baby Book - Book PM 8.  (You can see them on the cover of this copy (CLICK HERE) available at Amazon.)  I thought they would be adorable additions and they fit perfectly into these patches, so... there they are!

The snowdrop flowers are from Embroidery for all Seasons by Diana Lampe.  (I use this book so much!  I am right-handed, but it includes left-handed instructions too.)  The tree is inspired by the Pencil Pine in Diana Lampe's book.  I changed the colors, omitted the nuts, and made a tall tree trunk.

And I give full credit for the swing to my husband.  I was wondering if I should add a bird or a nest to the branch when he asked what my plans were and told me he saw a swing there.  I think I pulled it off okay. (I hope!) And, it certainly adds more than the mere snowflakes I had planned for the creamy triangle of fabric.

I had just enough small white buttons to make one last button snowman.  I picture this snowman dancing or trying to catch snowflakes.
Top of block
Bottom of block
I had originally planned to stem or chain-stitch snow beneath the bunnies.  However, it just did not look right.  I added a row of French knots using white DMC pearl cotton #12.  It helped, but I thought it would look best fully filled in.  My husband agreed.  (Well, he agreed while I worked on the section beneath the white bunny.  As I began working under the gray bunnies he told me it did not look good there.  I cast him a baffled look.  He shrugged and told me he was just trying to save me some time.  LOL!)  I did not count how many French knots I made.  I just know there are 6 - 7 hours of them along that bottom section.  (Donna, if you read this, I truly hope having the French knots along the bottom seam does not cause any issues with assembling your blocks!  That was my one worry.  I tried to keep the Mill Hill petite glass beads at least a quarter inch from the seams.)

Donna's blocks ~ ready to go home!
Above is a picture of blocks embellished by: (top row left to right) Kathy B., Melody B., Kathy S., (bottom row left to right) Barbara W. and Renee Y.  The last block will be for Donna to embellish herself.  I cannot wait to see what she does with them!

This was such a fun block to work on!  And this Round Robin has been so much fun. The ladies all do such wonderful work!  My blocks should be home tomorrow so I can share more of the gorgeous work from this great group of ladies.

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said... the snow under the bunnies is FRENCH KNOTS??? That is a LOT of knots!! The block looks great. Love the bottom button on the snowman, looks antique in a way and really makes the snowman stand out as more than just snowballs stacked as normal outdoor snowmen are.

The swing was a great addition (dont tell your hubby i agreed with him...) and the branch it's swinging from looks great. You do a wonderful job with trees.

Renee said...

A LOT of French knots! And to think I was afraid of them when I started crazy quilting! Thank you for the compliments! I LOVE embroidered trees, so I keep striving to improve. (I promise not to tell him - lol!) Thanks so much!

I really enjoy watching your CQJP 2014 blocks! I'm hoping to start my first one in a few minutes. :)

Wilma said...

Beautiful work Renee and yes, a LOT of French knots. I also love the snowdrops!

Renee said...

Thank you, Wilma! My husband made the French knot section entertaining to work on. Every so often, he would walk into the room to see how far along I had progressed, chuckle, tell me I was nuts, and leave me to my stitching. It was a fun block. :)