Monday, May 28, 2012

Why Blog?

In 2010, I attempted my first blog.  I made a few posts, then life happened.  Crazy chaos.  Two years later, I realize I have some of the same goals I had at that time.  So, I decided to try this again.

This time I have an actual plan.  (Who me?!)  This blog will be a tool to help me accomplish the goals I have as of yet to achieve.

I suppose, looking at that "To Do" list is a little overwhelming; but, I believe I can accomplish most anything I set my mind to - as long as I stay focused, have a deadline, and have some much needed accountability.  So... here's to finally writing that novel, running a half marathon (at least the distance, if not an official race), finishing some sewing projects, and making my first crazy quilt.

Week One Goals:
Writing - Write a minimum of 3000 words this week, without starting over (again!) Current word count is 2104.
Running - Begin working my way up to running 3 miles again.  Run/Walk on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
Sewing Projects - Finish my first purse project.
Crazy Quilt - Add more embellishments to the October quilt block.

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