Saturday, February 20, 2016

CQJP 2016 January Block Seam 11 and Motif 9

The 11th (and final) seam on my Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2016 January block was fun to stitch.

Using size 8 DMC #125 pearl cotton, I added a feather stitch down the seam and then worked my way back up adding detached chain stitches (leaves) along alternating tips from the feather stitch.

Size 8 DMC #498 pearl cotton colonial knots added tiny flower buds to the vine.

For the 9th motif, I added a little flower in a pot. I sketched a small pot shape onto the fabric using light pencil marks. Using size 8 Anchor #00360 pearl cotton floss, I outlined the pot with a split stitch and filled it with long and short stitches.

This ended up being entirely too small for the space I added it to, so I added French knots randomly spaced within the remaining area using size 12 DMC #B5200 pearl cotton.  (The idea of filling some space with white stitching was inspired by Kathy Shaw's January CQJP 2016 block seen here.)

The top of this section still looked bare (my very honest hubby was quick to point this out.) So, I added another butterfly with a flight path.  The butterfly was stitched with size 8 DMC #815 pearl cotton detached chain stitches. Using a single strand of matching DMC #815 embroidery floss, I added 2 pistil stitches for the butterfly's antennae and used this same strand of floss to add the meandering flight path with a running stitch.

Tomorrow, I will share the last 3 motifs and on Monday, I will share the entire block. Thanks for following along this CQJP 2016 journey with me! (To see loads of crazy quilting eye candy and to learn more about the Crazy Quilting Journal Project, just click here.)



Magpie's Mumblings said...

More great additions to your block Renee. Now I'm looking forward to see the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

I love this kind of filling - it feels like doodling with a purpose. Feather is my very favorite stitch, so I try to put off using it as long as I can. I could cover entire quilts with it! On the other hand, my best friend could never get the hang of it, even when I pointed out it's just a buttonhole stitch, really. I must have showed her a dozen times how to do it. LOL Yours looks great!

Katie said...

Love it! Can't wait to see the whole thing.