Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Snowball from Rita in Kansas!

Crazy Quilting International Snowball Swap
 Look at what arrived in the mail on Friday!  My snowball from Rita in Kansas.  It is absolutely darling!

I love the lacy snow at the bottom and the snowflakes filling the air above.  However, the beaded snowman is simply adorable!
Beaded snowman Rita made for me.
Now, I have to admit, as much as I enjoy crazy quilting, mailing items out is probably my least favorite part of round robins and swaps.  I tend to get in a hurry - so much of a hurry that I have forgotten all about sending so much as a note with some of the snowballs I have mailed out.  Well, until I made it to the post office and sealed the bubble-wrapped envelope closed.  (Those are amongst the smack-myself-in-the-forehead moments in my life.)

Rita, quite obviously, does not share my problem.  Just look!  This was so pretty, I did not want to open it.  (Okay, knowing what I would find inside, I actually did want to open it - but I HAD to take a picture first.)
This was such a fun package to receive.  I love swapping snowballs!  (And, I hope to have Rita's snowball finished and mailed out by next Monday - or sooner.)

To see more of her pretty work, just visit her blog at fibermaidensartwork.blogspot.com.

This beautiful snowball is the third in my collection.  All three are pictured below.  I absolutely adore them all!  (You may click on any image for a larger view.)
My snowball collection as of October 2013.
I have no idea how I will assemble them after I collect a few more; and, I am pretty clueless about sewing circles.  That project will be a challenge in itself, but a fun one, I am sure!

(For those of you wondering what CQI is, it stands for Crazy Quilting International.  I stumbled upon their blog less than 2 years ago and saw so much eye candy that I surprised myself and joined their Yahoo! groups.  It has been a great way for me to learn, ask questions, and see so many inspiring pieces of crazy quilt art.)


Cathy K said...

How cute! Lucky girl. :-) Aren’t snowballs fun?? Hugs, Cathy K

Renee said...

Thank you, Cathy, I feel quite lucky. I love the snowball swap! :)