Saturday, June 8, 2013

First Crazy Quilted Messenger Bag Post 2

Tree trunk and branches stitched for my first crazy quilted messenger bag.
When my children arrived home from school yesterday, I warned them they would be shocked to know I added a tree to my messenger bag.  (I was being sarcastic, of course.)  One of my boys replied, "Yeah, Mom.  That is so unlike you."

I do seem to love embroidered trees and landscapes.  (You will see more when I finally share the other projects I have been working on!)

I threaded my needle with two strands of floss using two different DMC flosses: 1 strand of #838 and 1 strand of #610.  I like the color variation this gave the chain stitched tree trunk and branches.

Messenger Bag front flap as of this morning - June 8, 2013.

Today will be a busy one; yet, I hope to find some time to add some leaves to this tree.  I would love to use green silk ribbon.  However, this part of the flap will be in an area where I worry I may snag ribbon leaves.  So, the leaves will most likely be lazy daisy stitches with a few different shades of green DMC embroidery floss.  (Or maybe I will use a variegated green EdMar floss?!  So many choices. *Grins*)

I wish you a wonderful weekend!


NickiLee said...

The tree is a great addition and I think lazy daisy leaves would be perfect! To blend in with the colors of your block (which I love) how about adding maybe some pink French knots to look like flowers/berries?

Renee said...

Great idea, Nicki Lee! The lazy daisy leaves are almost half done in a variegated DMC floss that goes from very light to rather dark. I think I am brave enough to add pink French knots... Sounds like fun! Thank you for the suggestion. *grins*

Anonymous said...

i second her suggestion!