Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First CQ Messenger Bag Post 9

Stitched in the Gimp2 CK Curly font.
Yesterday, I deviated from my original sketched plan for the front flap of the messenger bag yet again.  I printed out the words, "Faith, Hope & Love" in a couple of fonts and sizes using fonts I liked from the free Gimp2 photo program my husband installed on my computer a couple of years ago.

My favorite for this saying was the CK Curly font.  I stitched it onto the messenger bag using a single strand of pink variegated EdMar Glory #004 floss using a stem stitch. 

I have a hard time with curves and the stem-stitch, but I think it turned out okay!

Thanks for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

What a great saying. I'm so much in love with the colors and embroidery that you're doing on this!

Renee said...

Thank you! Krey keeps telling me he thinks it is all great, except for the pink. ;) I just want to finish it so I can use it! First, I need to catch up on the CQJP 2013 blocks...