Saturday, June 22, 2013

First CQ Messenger Bag Post 7

Front Flap of Messenger Bag as of 06/21/13.
This is how the front flap looked before I went to bed last night.  Originally, I planned to stem-stitch the outline of a tree trunk and add silk ribbon leaves to the black triangle in the center.  Obviously, I changed my mind!

Using a quilting heart template I bought on sale some time ago and using the technique I learned in Marsha Michler's The Magic of Crazy Quilting: A Complete Resource for Embellished Quilting, I added a heart to the center of the block.
Stem-stitched heart outline.
Knowing I planned to add silk ribbon flowers to the heart, I chose a shade of green ribbon for the leaves and then found a similar shade of green DMC cotton floss.  Using 2 strands of the cotton floss, I stem-stitched the heart.

Next, I used a single strand of pink floss to create spokes along the heart for spider-web silk ribbon roses.  A few pink silk ribbon lazy daisy stitches created rose buds.  There are three shades of pink here. 

Green silk ribbon was used to make two straight stitches at the base of each rosebud, and ribbon stitched leaves were added to the roses.

Next, I added 3 pastel yellow glass seed beads to open areas along the heart.  Five straight stitches with blue silk ribbon were placed around each yellow bead center.  (I ran out of one shade of blue after making the first 2 flowers, so there are two shades of blue on the heart.)
Heart before adding beads.
When I ordered the Winter 2013 Challenge Package from Evening Star Designs, I also ordered their BS White on White Sew-On Bead Sampler, which included the small bird bead I added to the heart.

A few unadorned areas remained on the stem-stitched heart, so I used a single strand of the same shade of green and randomly added fly-stitches.  (A couple are circled with the arrow pointing to them in the photo above.)  I will add glass seed beads to the center of each fly stitch for a few sparkly flower buds.
Heart beads sealed with clear fingernail polish.
Yesterday, I also varnished a few beads.  I purchased these The Bead Gallery heart-shaped beads while they were on sale at Michaels.  The beads are silver-plated, but I could see some metal showing through and worried that might become an issue over the years.  Following a tip I read somewhere last year, I applied a coat of clear fingernail polish to seal the beads.  I was not sure exactly how to do this, so I set out a sheet of plastic wrap and painted one side.  Then, I carefully lifted the bead by slipping a toothpick into the beading hole and moved it to a clean section of the plastic wrap (hoping it would not paint to the plastic.)  I allowed them to dry for a few hours and then flipped them over, painted the other side, and moved them to a clean section of the plastic wrap to dry.  Of course, this morning I determined they would not look right where I wanted them, but at least they are ready when I need them!

I ran a few ideas past my wonderfully supportive (and brutally honest) hubby about a few more additions for this little black triangle.  And, we actually agreed on the idea we both liked best!  I hope to find time to finish this section up today.  If I do, this section will look a lot different tomorrow!
Messenger Bag Front Flap - center section prior to adding beads.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!  It is beautiful and sunny here, after a few days of rain.  Perfect weather to let my eldest practice driving.


Anonymous said...

excellent job on the heart!

Renee said...

Thank you! Today, I have been adding beads around that area and along a couple of the seams. I was not 100 percent sure I liked the end result around the heart, then I saw the heart beads sparkle in the light and I was sold. I hope to have new pictures posted tomorrow.