Thursday, May 16, 2013

Glasses Case Panel - Landscape 1 Almost Done

This gift is almost complete!  The crazy quilting is done, I just need to assemble the rest of the case. 

As you can see, my fear of the tall grass hiding the flowers was not unfounded...

I used 2 strands of a green DMC floss to make uneven buttonhole stitches along the seam between the grass and the water.  Next, I used a single strand of yellow DMC floss to attach a small yellow bead to the top of each "stem" created by the buttonhole stitch.  Using 2 strands of variegated yellow floss, I added lazy daisy stitches around each bead.  The taller "stems" received five lazy daisy stitched petals, and the shorter "stems" only received three petals.

The fluffy green fabric looked too strange with lazy daisy flowers, so I opted to not to add them in that section.  I did put a yellow bead at the top of each "stem."  My boys decided it looked like the flowers were peeking out of tall grass.  (My husband simply laughed.  I told him I hoped the tree made up for the flower seam treatment!)

Next, I used two strands of yellow DMC floss to stitch two butterflies.  A single strand of the same color stitched their flight paths.

Finally, I added a sun in the upper-left corner. Two strands of DMC yellow floss were used to make a series of chain stitches.  Both ends of the rows of chain stitches extend a bit past the seams.  This way, the sun will be full in that corner.  The "rays" are split stitched with the same floss.  My only hope is that I made it large enough to really show up once the case is sewn together.

Thank you for checking in to see my progress!


Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

I may have to hire you to do my embroidery :P

Renee said...

LOL! I have seen your embroidery, and it is awesome.