Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekly Goals

Wow... I am behind with posting my goals.  On the up side, it has been a fun, busy summer! 

Trask River
We went camping with some friends along the Trask River.  It was fantastic.  We found the perfect swimming hole along the river and had the place entirely to ourselves.  We were later told it was one of the hottest days of the year.  A great day to spend along the river!

Drake Falls @ Silver Falls State Park
We also went on a couple more hikes.  Last week, we went to Silver Falls, yet again!  This time we went with my sister-in-law (one of my favorite people), niece and nephew.  We went along trails we had not visited this summer and saw more of the waterfalls.

Yesterday, the 6 of us also went to Mirror Lake.  (I forgot to take my camera with me.  Ugh!)  The kids cooled off by wading in the lake with the crayfish.  Both trips were fabulous.

On Saturday, Monkey and I ran a 5K.  He won a gift card for finishing first in his age group, and I finished with my best time on a 5K race.  Do not get me wrong.  I am slower than molasses.  But I finally ran less than a 12-minute-mile.  It was a busy, yet wonderful weekend.

I have also been busy trying to keep my flowers watered in this heat.  The boys both helped me plant sunflowers in our flower bed, so we could enjoy viewing them from our kitchen this summer.  This picture was taken two weeks ago (I was watering them when I decided to drop the house and grab the camera, thus the hose in the lawn.)  It is the first year the hydrangeas blossomed, so I am a happy camper.  This week, the sunflowers are finally blossoming!  Next year, we have decided we need to plant more sunflowers around the yard.

Kitchen Island Before
Kitchen Island After
And, now that summer feels like it is racing to an end, I feel the pressure to stop procrastinating and finally refinish the kitchen cabinets and paint the front porch.  Last week, I began on the cabinets.  (The lighting changed throughout the day; the sunlight through the window made the before picture look much lighter than it actually was.  The color in the after photo is more accurate.) I have a couple more hours of work to do.  I am hoping to complete both projects before I receive my next round robin block.  (Wish me luck with that - my to do list is HUGE right now!)

Now to figure out my goals for this week...
Running: Run 40 minutes 2 times
Cross Training: Complete Warrior Dash training exercises 3 days
Sewing: Sew black border onto Hearts Askew Quilt & complete birthday gifts.
CQ: Finish one section of January block

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