Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekly Goal Updates

Lincoln City, Oregon

Highlights of the Week:  There were so many! 

Wednesday evening, the boys and I went to a park and watched a fun concert the city organized.   

On Thursday, the boys and I drove to the coast to play at the beach with some friends and escape the heat.  It was a WONDERFUL day!   

Saturday evening, my husband and I joined his parents and their friends for a barbeque and to play cards.  I made one person too many, so I played with my January block and had a great time.   

And, on Sunday, my husband and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary a couple of days early.  We spent some time at the Portland Saturday Market, which is always a treat for me.  I love seeing all of the crafty items!  Next, we satisfied our curiosity and visited Salvador Molly’s, a restaurant featured on Man vs. Food, for dinner.  (Though we did not attempt their challenge, we did get a small plate of the famous Great Balls of Fire (habanero cheese fritters.)  I managed 2 bites, and even impressed my husband with the large scoop of habanero sauce I took with my second sampling.  By dinner, I could even feel my lips and tongue again!) And we finished our anniversary date with a trip to Powell’s, my favorite bookstore of all time.  I think I could spend a week or more in that city of books!

Last Week’s Goals (July 10-16):
Running: ??? 1-2 days DONE
Sewing: Cut leaves out and begin adhering stems and leaves to quilt top.  Purchase enough green thread to stitch them on. HALF-WAY COMPLETE – I have errands to run later in the week, so opted to wait to make than 40 minute round trip to buy the thread.  Once I have the thread, I will adhere the stems and leaves.
Crazy Quilt: Finish winter!  It has been so tricky that I have been rethinking my font idea for the word “January.”  We shall see… COMPLETE!  And “January” is well on its way – so far, following my original plan.
Round Robin: Mail block to its first crazy quilter!  I cannot believe my first round robin through Crazy Quilting International is about to begin.  DONE!  I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first block for me to stitch.   (And I am equally nervous – I want the block’s owner to be happy with my work, and I REALLY do not want to mess it up!)

This Week’s Goals (July 17-23)
Running: 3 days – up to 4 miles
Sewing: Adhere stems and leaves to quilt top.  Purchase enough green thread to stitch them on. Crazy Quilt: Finish “January” (the word) on the January block.
Round Robin: Once I receive the first (of 4) block, my goal is to plan my stitching and make sure I have the supplies on hand to complete my planned work.  I saw a picture of the block and it is lovely, with some very soft colors.  It should arrive within the next few days!

It should be another fun week!

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