Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekly Goal Updates

Yikes!  I have been neglecting my blog, and my stitching.  The beautiful weather has meant yard work and running my boys from point A to point B.  The week has been fun and eventful, but it has not allowed a lot of computer time.

Highlight of the Week:  Spending the 4th of July with great friends.  My husband’s best friend since about 3rd grade married my college roommate, and their children are very close in age to Monkey (15) and Mutt (12).  (Someday, I will have to share about their nicknames.)  We all had a wonderful visit.

Last Week’s Goals (July 3-9):
Writing: 500 words (beginning word count 3387) – Failed.  I think the writing may have to wait for this fall, when the weather is not so nice and I am inside more often!
Running: Run 4 days (3-4 miles) – Failed.  I did run 3 days, from 20 - 48 minutes.  When I put together my running schedule, I actually created two of them - the one I should probably try to follow to ease back into the habit, and the one I wanted to be able to do now.  This week I ended up compromising between the two.  My body made it pretty clear this week that I should stick with 3 days a week for a bit longer.
Sewing: Cut strips for vines on unfinished quilt top – DONE! 
Crazy Quilt: Continue working on January block – DONE! 

This Week’s Goals (July 10-16):
Running: ??? 1-2 days (depends on my leg...)
Sewing: Cut leaves out and begin adhering stems and leaves to quilt top.  Purchase enough green thread to stitch them on.
Crazy Quilt: Finish winter!  As crazy as it sounds in the midst of summer, I told my husband I thought winter was killing me.  The fabric I have been stitching it on is so fluffy that it covers part of the stitches, making them appear very uneven.  It has been so tricky that I have been rethinking my font idea for the word “January.”  We shall see…
Round Robin: Mail block to its first crazy quilter!  I cannot believe my first round robin through Crazy Quilting International is about to begin.  

The word that has slowed me down to a turtle's pace!

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