Monday, June 11, 2012

Crazy Quilt Days 9 & 10

I spent some time on Sunday planning out the February block of my crazy quilt.  I used a book I picked up at the library for inspiration.  The book is listed on my favorites from Amazon, but they want a small fortune for it ($83 used, and new copies range from over $200 to over $1000.)  Needless to say, I was happy my library had a copy (though a bit nervous too - I'm treating it like glass!)  The book is An Encyclopedia of Crazy Quilt Stitches and Motifs.  It is only 69 pages long, but it shows some fun combinations of stitches.

The Plan

Possible Embellishments

Beaded Lace

I began by attaching pink and white beaded lace.  First, I hand stitched the edges at my seam line.  Then I searched on-line for ideas to tack down lace.  I found the use of several methods, ranging from the use of beads to tiny simple stitches.  I planned to use tiny white glass beads, but it looked like too much, so I opted to use white thread and tiny little stitches to hold the lace in place.

Part of the First Embroidered/Beaded Seam

Next, I used a single strand of EdMar Iris Rayon floss number 079 (a variegated green) to make uneven blanket stitches across the seem. Then, I used DMC 3688 to sew on pink heart-shaped beads above the taller blanket stitches.  (On the back, I knotted the thread at the beginning and end of each stitch holding the beads on so they would not all fall off if the thread somehow broke in the future.)

The First Seam Completed
I used 2 strands of DMC 321 to make two lazy daisy stitches at the top of the shorter blanket stitches.  Then, I sewed on a tiny red (11/0) glass bead.  After the red flowers were completed, I used another single strand of the EdMar variegated green to attach two lazy daisy leaves to the stems of the taller heart flowers.  (Sorry, the picture is dark.  If I use my flash, it washes all the color out.)

Close Up of the Seam

Today, I also picked up the DMC floss I needed to finish the last bit of back-stitch on the rose I am making for the center piece of the Round Robin block.  I must admit, removing waste canvas is not one of my favorite activities (and I was very thankful for the use of my husband's pliers to save my poor fingers part-way through.)  The trick is to only remove one to two threads at a time and to slip the straight out (without pulling upward, away from the fabric.)  Here is the rose:

Regal Rose Cross Stitch on Black Fabric

I hope to find time tomorrow to work on the February block.  It will be a busy day, so we will see.  (Speaking of which, I need to get some sleep!)  Good night, all!

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