Sunday, September 16, 2018

CQJP 2018 March Block

If you follow me on Instagram or if you follow the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2018 blog, then you have probably seen this block.

My theme for this year's Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP) is my favorite things. I love the beach and had so much fun creating this block.

First, I colored white fabric with Crayola crayons and set the color. (The process I use was explained in this post.)

Then, I cut the fabric between the sky and water sections and between the water and sand sections. I sewed each section together. 

Next, I traced a heart on the paper side of ThermOWeb HeatnBond Lite and adhered it to the fabric. I cut the heart out leaving 1/4-inch extra. I clipped the curves of the extra fabric and carefully ironed them toward the back of the heart. Then I fused the heart to the black background fabric and used a slip stitch to tack the edges down.

The sandy beach section was a bit smaller than the sketch I drew to plan out the block, but I think it all worked out okay.

Figuring out how to create the foamy waves on the beach was tricky. In the end, I decided to use French knots using 2 strands of floss. First, I used DMC 4020.

Then, I added white French knots.

A bullion stitched starfish was added next, using 2 strands of DMC 4120 variegated floss.

Feeling the ocean needed something more, a few straight stitches were added with size 5 DMC 4140 perle cotton to create a boat.

A straight stitch with size 5 DMC white perle cotton, and 2 straight stitches and a few satin stitches with size 12 DMC white perle cotton completed the sailboat.

Stem stitches with 2 strands of DMC 4020 floss created ripples of waves on the calm ocean.

A single strand of black DMC floss created this island and palm tree. The island was outlined with a split-stitch and then filled with a satin stitch. Stem stitches created the palm tree. (This island was inspired by the one Sandra Todd added to one of my blocks in an Under-the-Sea Round Robin in 2015. You may see it here.)

For the sun, I lightly traced a half circle around a spool of thread with a pencil.

Using a single strand of DMC 4077 floss, I followed the outline for the sun with a split-stitch.

The sun was then filled in using a single strand of the same floss and a satin stitch.

The seagulls were created with 2 strands of DMC 648. Using a needle, I punched holes through the birds in the sketch I had drawn (pictured above). I positioned the sketch over the heart on this block and made light pencil marks on the sky fabric through the holes in the paper. Those tiny marks were the guides used to make the birds.

Using 2 strands of DMC 4160, the heart was outlined with buttonhole stitches. To keep these stitches even, I used one of the templates I received from Sharon B. 

(I received the templates in return for an honest review and I love using mine! The full product review may be found in the Summer 2016 Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine, available at I am not affiliated with the templates or the magazine.)

The Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP) is a challenge to create one crazy quilt block each month. The goal is to complete a 12-block crazy quilt by the end of the year. It is a personal challenge. You may learn more about it here. Sign ups usually open in November, if you think you might be interested in participating in 2019.

My block looks more like it is for an art quilt than a crazy quilt, but when the blocks are all assembled, I plan to add a crazy quilted border.

My April and May blocks have both been pieced, so there is hope I might finish CQJP 2018 before 2019 arrives. We shall see...

I hope you all have an amazing week. Thank you for visiting!

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My CQJP 2018 progress may be followed on this Pinterest board.

Monday, September 3, 2018

September 2018

Happy September!

My goals for the month were:

1. Make progress on QS Red Hearts - done!
I will share the update soon.

2. Embellish my March CQJP 2018 block - done, but not in August.
If you follow me on Instagram, you know I worked on it this weekend (as seen in the photo above.) I will share an update soon.

3. Add more TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) stitches to my messenger bag - done! I will share updates soon.

September Goals:
1. Create my project(s) for the Peek a Who? Blog Hop that will be hosted by Marian at Seems to Be Sew this October. 

2. Piece my CQJP 2018 April block.

3. Piece a block to embellish for the Crazy Quilt Quarterly Spring 2019 Edition. (The Fall 2018 copy is available at MagCloud now. You may find it here.) Submissions for the Spring Edition need to be emailed to Pamela Kellogg by November 1st - you may learn more here.

4. Make progress on QS Red Hearts.

5. Blog progress made in August on QS Red Hearts, SK Effects of Caffeine, and TAST. 

6. Work on balancing work, family, chores, crafty time and blogging time better.

I am wishing you all a fantastic month!

The Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP) is a personal challenge to complete one crazy quilt block a month. You may see the blocks created this year here.

Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) is a personal challenge to learn a new stitch every week. It is hosted by Sharon B. of and you may find more information about it here.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Twilight Duel Update #28

In July, 626 stitches were added to my Heaven and Earth Designs "Twilight Duel" cross-stitch project, based on artwork by Ruth Thompson.

Most of those stitches filled in the sky and wing of the white dragon on the lower-right section of the piece.

Percent Complete:
Project:        38.7% (It was 38.27%)
Pages 1-2: 100%
Page 3:        41.51% (It was 40.84%)
Page 4:      100%
Page 5:          1.83%
Page 6:          0%
Pages 7-8: 100%
Page 9:          5.06%
Page 10:        0.25%
Pages 11-12: 0%
Page 13:    100%
Page 14:      61.19% (It was 53.34%)
Page 15:        2.95% (It was 2.93%)
Pages 16-18: 0%
Page 19:    100%
Page 20:        3.72%
Pages 21-24: 0%

Thank you for visiting!

Friday, August 10, 2018

SK Effects of Caffeine Days 22 - 24

My cross-stitch travel project is a chart from Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED). "SK Effects of Caffeine" is a storykeep chart based on the artwork of Randal Spangler. You may see what the completed piece will look like on the HAED website, here.

The photo above shows how it looked in December of 2017. On May 28th, I worked on it for 32 minutes and added 91 stitches. The photo below shows the progress.

On Friday, August 3rd, I took it to work with me and worked on it for 40 minutes during my lunch break. 81 stitches were added. The photo below shows how it looked.

And, Saturday, August 4th, I was able to work on it for an hour and ten minutes. 100 stitches were added. This photo shows how it looks now.

The project is 13.77% complete with 3,257 of 23,660 stitches finished. The first page (of four) is 51.13% complete.

Thank you for visiting!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

CQJP 2018 Block 3 Pieced

The March block for my Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP) 2018 was pieced in July and is ready for embellishment. It measures 8-inches by 8-inches.

My goal is to embellish 12 blocks to create "My Favorite Things" crazy quilt by the end of the year.

Thank you for visiting!

CQJP is a challenge to complete one crazy quilt a month that measures at least 8-inches square. You may learn more details and see the blocks that have been completed this year at the official blog for the challenge here. You may also follow CQJP 2018 on Facebook here.

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My CQJP 2018 progress may be found on this Pinterest board.