Saturday, February 18, 2017

CQJP 2017 January Block Motifs 1 - 3

The 1st motif completed on my January Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP) block was the central heart applique. 

This seam was inspired by a heart my friend, Cathy, created in Crazy Quilting International round robin in 2009.

First, I made a lattice grid (as described in the first part of this tutorial) with a strand of size 5 DMC #B5200 perle cotton. Tiny cross stitches made with a strand of EdMar Glory #083 rayon floss couched down the intersecting sections of the grid. 

I wanted to cover the raw edges of the applique, so white pearl beads were then stitched around the heart. I sewed and secured each bead individually. To help keep the beads lined up, after stitching the 3rd bead, I brought the thread up behind the first bead and threaded it through all 3 beads and secured the thread behind the fabric. I added 2 more beads individually and then secured the next set of 3 and repeated the process.

The beaded shell chain stitch framed this central area. The seams were worked using small strips of waste canvas, size 5 DMC #B5200 perle cotton, a size 26 tapestry needle and clear white and clear pink size 10/0 Czech seed beads.

The camera could not quite capture the sparkle the beads added. They are lovely playing in the light.

The 2nd motif was a spider web. This was worked with size 12 DMC #B5200 perle cotton. I made 5 long straight stitches beginning in the upper-left-hand corner and extending to nearby seams. 

Then, I wove 4 lines of the same floss over and under to create the spider's web. (If my plans for the block were going to be functional - like a purse, rather than for a wall hanging, I would stem stitched the web.)

A small straight stitch of the same thread created the piece of web for the spider to dangle from. Then a single strand of DMC white floss was used to attach a large pearl bead for the body and a small pearl bead for the head of the spider. The same strand of floss was used to make the legs. 

For the 3rd motif, I simply tacked on a small ribbon flower I had in my stash, using a strand of white DMC floss.

CQJP is a personal challenge to create a crazy quilt block every month in 2017. You may learn more about the challenge here and see the work of others here.

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Photos of each seam and motif may be found on this Pinterest board.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

CQJP 2017 January Block Seams 13 - 15

The 13th seam embellished on my January Crazy Quilt Journal Project Block was one I had been avoiding. 

You cannot tell in this photo, but when I clipped the beads on the ribbon so they would not bulge beneath the seam, it left a little piece of plastic protuding toward the black fabric. As I worked on the block, the top bead began to work its way free from the small criscrossing threads holding the string of beads in place. I could not bring myself to leave it.

So, I carefully removed the string of beads and sewed 4 mm hot pink beads on with a strand of DMC #602 floss. Then, the outer edges of lace were tacked down with a strand of white DMC floss.

These larger beads are out of my comfort zone. My tastes migrate toward small  and delicate. However, I liked the way the seam turned out. 

The 14th seam was a fun one! Using a strand of size 5 DMC #B5200 perle cotton and straight stitches, I created 3 sets of 8 spokes.

Detached chain stitches fit between the spokes with a strand of EdMar Iris #218. And a small hot pink seed bead was sewn into the centers with a strand of DMC #604 cotton floss.

The 15th seam consists of back stitches along the seam with a strand of EdMar Glory #043

The Crazy Quilt Journal Project is a personal challenge to create a crazy quilt block each month that measures at least 8" x 8".  You may learn more about it here and see work others have completed here.

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My CQJP 2017 project may also be followed on this Pinterest board.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

TAST Stitches 40 and 41

This week, I began a TAST Sampler. Ordinarily, I try to work the weekly TAST stitches onto current projects. There have been several stitches I skipped because I was not sure how they would fit in with my current work. 

You may click on any photo for a larger image.

TAST Stitch 40: Shell Chain Stitch

Using a strand of size 8 Anchor #1563 perle cotton, I worked the shell chain stitch from. Using the same color, I worked the beaded shell chain stitch (As recommended in the tutorial, I used a size 26 tapestry needle so the size 10/0 Czech glass seed beads would fit over the eye.) 

I first worked this stitch onto an under-the-sea block in 2014, as seen in this post (it was stitch 97 in that round of TAST.)

In 2014, the beaded shell chain stitch was added to a block from the Winter/Christmas round robin I participated in. You may see the seam here and the completed block here.

TAST Stitch 41: Eastern Stitch

I have always loved the example Sharon B. shares of this stitch worked on blue fabric and featured at the top of the tutorial. (Click the title of the stitch to go to the tutorial.)

This was my first time working this stitch and it took me a while to get into a rhthym, but I really enjoyed it. Using a strand of size 5 DMC #4250 perle cotton, I worked 2 sets of four Eastern stitches with a French knot between them.

TAST stands for Take A Stitch Tuesday, a personal challenge offered by Sharon B. of You may read more about it here and find the TAST Facebook Group here.

To celebrate her 10th year offering TAST, Sharon is sharing a series of interviews with TAST participants. I was honored to be asked to participate. I know several of you have already seen this interview on Pintangle. Thank you for the sweet comments. I can honestly say, I never imagined my work would be featured on my "go to" embroidery blog. Sharon never ceases to amaze me with the generosity of her time sharing the art of embroidery.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Twilight Duel Update #17 February 2017

In January, I shared this progess photo of the Heaven and Earth Designs Twilight Duel cross-stitch I am working on for my youngest son. I just love Ruth Thompson's dragons.

There is another challenge on the New Official Heaven and Earth Designs Facebook Group to complete a blank page. So, I have skipped over to page 13.

Because I began this project on August 30, 2015, I try to take a photo on the 30th of each month.

This was my progress on January 30th. (I am itching to fill in pages 3 and 7!)

My mother-in-law spoiled me with a scroll lap frame for Christmas. My husband said she was quite nervous about it, because I had not even told my husband I wanted one. My delight delighted her. 

This is my progress on page 13. There was a bit of progress made on pages 7 and 14, too. 1,801 stitches have been added since my update on January 9th.

Percent Complete
Project: 23.79%  (It was 22.34%)
Pages 1 & 2: 100%
Page 3: 18.94% 
Page 4: 100%
Page 5: 1.83%
Page 6: 0%
Page 7: 11.08%   (It was 7.26%)
Page 8: 100%
Page 9: 2.73%
Page 10: 0.25%
Page 11: 0%
Page 12: 0%
Page 13: 26.08%  (It was 2.41%)
Page 14: 3.44%    (It was 2.9%)
I am joining Monday Stitchery Link Party #97 at Super Mom - No Cape! This week's free embroidery pattern is a cute little donkey with a basket of flowers. I do hope you will hop over to see what others have shared.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Happy Mail!

Look at the wonderful treasures that arrived in my mailbox last week!

I received a card from my best friend since 5th grade. (She is sooo much better at staying in touch than I am!)

This gorgeous dragonfly card arrived from my crazy quilting friend, Sharyn. She is also participating in InCoWriMo (International Correspondence Writing Month.)

Just look at the sweet laces she sent for me to play with. I am feeling quite spoiled. 

And I love the wax seal on the envelope!

My blogging friend from Creatology offered to swap letters with me during InCoWriMo. Imagine my surprise when this beautiful fabric card she created slipped out of the envelope. I just LOVE it! It is so pretty.

And, as part of the CQI 2017 Valentine Postcard Swap, I received this beautiful piece of art from Diana Williams. I love the Valentine fabrics, the tiny beads around the heart buttons, and the little Valentine letters the sweet birds are carrying. It's just gorgeous!

I hope Diana doesn't mind me sharing her sweet note. Several of my recent posts have discussed making fabric postcards. The back of this one is made with fabric. I love that it is personalized and also mentions her name, the name of the swap, and the year for me to look back upon. 

I do hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Thank you for stopping by.